CBD on Amazon?

CBD from Amazon?

Know that Amazon does NOT sell CBD (cannabinoids) products but does sell hemp products.  Let's discuss the difference. 

Amazon will not sell any product labeled or advertised as containing CBD. This is likely due to CBD not being consistently legal in all states; a few states are in a grey area of legality.   Amazon has decided this for several industries including cigarettes or any drug paraphernalia.  However, Amazon does allow companies to list products that contain highly misleading information, giving consumers the impression that they are buying CBD products.

So what are these misleading products on Amazon?

Amazon still allows the sale of products that contain hemp oil.  Hemp oil is made from hemp seeds which contain absolutely zero CBD.

Even if a "CBD" manufacturer manages to sell on Amazon, there is no way to prove to consumers how much CBD the product contains.  Why?  Because a third party testing result that shows CBD would automatically get the product banned from the site.  Third party testing (testing done by a professional lab other than the manufacturer) is the only way to reliably confirm what is actually in a CBD product, including the amount of CBD it contains.

People who are new to the CBD world can browse Amazon and see much cheaper products and see that the products contain “Hemp Extract.”  Hemp Extract is not CBD.  Hemp oil is much less costly than quality CBD.  Consumers who want CBD and buy on Amazon are simply overpaying for hemp oil.

 Is Hemp Oil as beneficial as CBD oil?

No! CBD oil is derived from the entire hemp plant, including most importantly the flowers. This is what imparts it with all of its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.  Hemp oil is not bad as it is full of fatty acids , but is best kept to a salad and not in a supplement.

How Do I know if I am getting a quality product?

  1. Look for third party test results.  EMB’s test results are found on the purchase page and not only confirm the CBD, bt also confirm that the EMB products contains zero THC.
  2. Buy American.  The US has very strict regulations that make CBD from America some of the best in the world.  The CBD is all of Entity Labs' products are sourced from Colorado.