How Much CBD Should I Take?

How much CBD oil should I take


It’s no secret, the use of CBD oil to treat medical conditions is growing. Yet, despite the growth in success and popularity, there is still not a ton of research in regards to dosing. However, a general consensus has risen as to, “how much CBD oil should I take.”


Everybody is Different

First of all, it’s important to remember that everybody is different. Two people taking CBD for chronic pain for example might not need the same dose. One person might get relief with 40mg per day, but another patient might need 60mg per day. Any suggested serving size you might find is generally a reference point. So, it’s important to start small and work up until the desired results are reached.

This is made more complicated by the biphasic nature of CBD. At low doses CBD helps by taking away the feeling of tiredness and mental fog so you will feel more energetic, while a high dose will activily calm and treat any symptoms of chronic pain making you feel slightly more drowsy. The best anaolgy for biphasic action is alcohol (CBD doesnt effect you like alcohol it is just also biphasic) at low amounts alcohol makes you more social and energetic but at high amounts it makes you tired and lethargic.


Below is a general guideline of how much to take. In some cases you might need more or less

• General Health: 20 – 40mg/day (this is my personal recommendation).

• Chronic Pain: 30 – 60mg/day –  (this is a baseline In my opinion, I take 60mg a day for chronic pain issues).

• Epilepsy: 200-300mg/day

• Sleep Disorders: 40-160mg/day

• Schizophrenia: 40-1,250mg/day

• Glaucoma: 15-40mg/day; over 40mg may increase intra-ocular pressure

These are general guidelines and you should always consult with your primary physician before starting any new dietary supplement or regimen.


What is the condition?

The CBD dosage needed is going to largely depend on the condition being treated. Less severe conditions will need less, and more severe conditions will need more. If you are just wanting better sleep, you might need as little as 10mg or as much as 40mg. If you are treating epilepsy, you might need as much as 200-300mg per day.


Can you overdose on CBD?

No, you can’t overdose on CBD. There is no known lethal dose of CBD. When dosing it’s important to start small and work up slow, but it’s equally important to back down your dose if you have any negative side effects. Some negative side effects might be: drowsiness, lethargy, increased heart rate, or upset stomach. Those symptoms are rare, but if you experience these or any others it’s best to decrease the dose you are taking.


Can Children take CBD?

The short answer is yes, but please consult your physician about how to properly dose. Believe it or not, more and more physicians are becoming open to the idea of using CBD as a treatment. I personally give all my children CBD, it helps them remain calm throughout the day, and not lose their marbles over every little thing that doesn’t agree with them.

As a general guideline, a 7-year-old child can take up to 40mg of CBD per day (or about .5ml per pound of body weight). Significantly more if you are treating a condition such as epilepsy. It’s best to split the serving up into three doses throughout the day. A good time is in the morning, afternoon, and again at bed time.

How long until I see results?

Generally it can take up to 25-30 days to build up in your system and see the results you are looking for. If you reach the 25 day mark and aren’t seeing any results, there is a good chance you need to increase your dose. Noticeable results can occur in as little as one day though. Many people notice better sleep almost immediately. But for others it takes time to build up in the system. Remember to gradually increase your dose to figure out what works best.